Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that many people who are interested in IPTV service may know little about how it actually works and have questions.  Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions we receive.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please fell free to open a chat with us, send us an email or use our online contact form, and we will do our best to answer any questions that you might have.

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If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please fell free to open a chat with us in the lower right corner.  You can also reach us on WhatsApp or Skype.  Or, you can just send us an email or use our online contact form, and we will do our best to answer any questions that you might have.

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There are a multitude of apps to watch A1 IPTV on virtually any device, including Smart TV’s, Android Phones, Android Boxes, iPhones, Ipads, Apple TV,  Windows Computers and Laptops, Apple Computers and Laptops, and Linux Computers and Laptops.

You can find a sampling of the apps available for each on our Install & Setup pages.

Cable and Satellite Companies are huge conglomerates with thousands or tens of thousands of people on the payroll.  They require huge investments in laying cable or fiber networks across the areas that they serve, or costly launches of satellites into space.

Once they have their systems in place, then they have to maintain everything.  All of that cost money, and lots of it!

Then there’s the TV Networks who charge the Cable and Satellite companies to rebroadcast their programming, even though they are already making money from commercials and providing their programming for free over the air.

IPTV companies are able to almost completely shed all of those costs and operate at a tiny fraction of the cost by capturing those steams through the internet or over the air, then streaming them from web servers located in numerous places around the world.

Some IPTV Providers include multiple versions of many of their channels, such as HD and SD, and/or offer the same channel in different time zones and can have several different sources and streams for each, so a single channel can account for as many as 4 or 5 times or more toward their total channel count, and you are left to pick and choose between them and figure out which stream works best or is the most reliable.

Here at A1 IPTV, we try to offer only the best source for each channel, and you will find that very few are available from more than one source, or counted multiple times.

Our 3,500+ channels are really 3,500+ different channels, and not 3,500 channels each offered in several different formats or from multiple sources just to boost our channel count.

Do you really want to have to click and watch a channel, then click the next and the next to see which one is the best source, or would you prefer to be able to just click once and watch?

An M3U file or link contains information on all of the streams or channels  available to you, and instructions for the media player on how to access and play them

The M3U link can be found in your Client Portal under “IPTV Service Detials”.  It will also will be included in the service activation email that you receive once your service is setup.

EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide (or TV Guide) and contains listing of what shows are airing on each of the channels and at what times

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover through our secure and encrypted payment portal.

Easy, you can get a 24 hour free trial by clicking on any of the Get a FREE TRIAL links on the Home Page, or simply clicking HERE

Yes, we LOVE referrals, and for every friend, relative, neighbor or stranger that you send our way who signs up for any paid service plan, we will reward you by adding a free month of service to your plan.

For anyone that you refer, just give us their name and your name or email address and we’ll add on a free month of service to your account when they sign up.  You can let us know by emailing us, opening a ticket in your Client Portal, or Chatting with us.

You can use up to 5 devices at a time, depending on the plan you choose when signing up for A1 IPTV service.

Yes, as long as you select the option to add adult content when making your purchase.  We have over 100 channels available, and plans including adult content do not cost anything extra/

There is a Forgot Password Link in the top right account menu button on your Client Portal page where you can reset your Client Portal password.  After which you can login and access your IPTV service details.  You can also start a chat with us, or send an email and we will help you recover or change your password.

We do not have a set schedule for updating on demand content, but do so on a regular basis.

We have many servers located in data centers all over the world

We do not.  We already price our service as low as we possibly can to be able to continue providing great service.  If we discounted our pricing any lower we would go broke, or hungry.

Sorry, but no we do not offer catch up service at this time

Your service will automatically renew using the credit card that you used when signing up for service, or the credit card that you have on file at the renewal time.   If you wish to cancel service, simply login to your Client Portal and click the on the “Request Cancellation” button.

We will also send you an invoice around 5 days before your service expires with a link to login in and renew your service.

You can renew or upgrade your service at anytime by logging in to your portal and clicking Services, then Order New Services.  Your service will be renewed or upgraded at that time and added to whatever time is left on your current subscription term.

If your free trial has expired, or even while it is still running you can login to your Client Portal and view IPTV Plans, select and purchase the plan you want, and your service will be renewed with the same login and access details that you had with the free trial.

You will receive an email, usually within a couple of hours and oftentimes within minutes of signing up, containing your username and password to access our service.  If you signed up for service and haven’t received an email with your login credentials after 8 hours, please open a chat with us or send an email.

If you have an internet connection, our service will work wherever you are located.

We recommend at least 15 mbps for the best experience.  However, many of the channels and much of the content will play fine at speeds as low as 7 mbps.

Please understand that A1 IPTV does not actually control any of the streams or servers directly.  We only supply you with access to a portal to access services offered by 3rd party channel providers we purchase connections from.

Every channel and every stream come from multiple offshore servers worldwide to get to you.  Because of the complexity, sometimes the connections are not very stable due to network or satellite outages, weather, storms, or any number of other reasons. But, our channel provider knows about an outage as soon as it happens and always works to resolve problems in a timely fashion and as quickly as possible. Please be patient and check in on the channel after awhile, as it will be resolved as quickly as possible.

You can cancel service at any time by logging in to your Client Portal, then clicking on your Service Plan and clicking on the “Request Cancellation” button.