Any ultimate setup is clearly personal opinion and preference, but for me that setup includes A1 IPTV, Emby Media Server, xTeve M3U Editor and a commercial cutting script, which work together to provide a complete home entertainment solution, in conjunction with my TV and AVR.  They include:
Iptv Service

A1 IPTV service, which includes over 41,000 streams of Live TV, Movies on Demand, Sports Programming, 24/7 channels and series and season episodes to watch.

Channel / Stream Editor

xTeve is an M3U playlist editor the allows you to remove, rename and reorder channels, streams, or categories of programming and sort them into any order you wish.

Media Player

Emby Media is a full featured Media Server and Player that includes DVR functionality and does pretty much everything that a Cable or Satellite box does.

Commerical Cutter

ComSkip is an application that will cycle through recordings and strip out the commercials, or just mark them so they can be skipped through.

There are also a number of alternatives to Emby, such as Plex and Channels DVR, but I’ve used both and my personal preference is Emby.

So, how much is a setup like this going to cost me?

  • A1 IPTV costs range from $9.95 to $18.95 per month, depending on the number of connections you choose, or less if purchasing a multiple month plan.
  • An Emby Premiere subscription will cost you $4.99 per month, or $119.95 for a lifetime license.
  • xTeve M3U Editor is 100% free and won't cost you a single penny!
  • The ComSkip script is free too, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in using it.

That looks complicated, how hard is it to setup?

To be fair, its not for the faint of heart and can take up to a couple of hours to get everything setup just the way you want, and if you’re not at least a little technically proficient, then you might be happier with something like IPTV Smarters, which is about as easy as it gets.

But, if you’re at least a little tech savvy, and don’t mind spending a little time setting things up just the way you want, then I believe that you’ll find the enjoyment you get out of using it was well worth the effort you put in setting it up!

Emby Screenshots